Firwood 75 Heat Resistant Paint

Firwood 75 Heat Resistant Paint


A decorative protective coating for temperatures up to 600°C, can be used as a single coat, or two coats finish on bare ferrous or aluminium coated metal surfaces. Suitable for use on exhaust systems.


Colour: - Black or Aluminium.


Preparation: - All surfaces should be free of rust; scale and weld spatter, be suitably degreased and dried.


Application Method: - Electrostatic Spray or Conventional Spray


Dry Film Thickness: - 15 to 25µ


Wet Film Thickness: - 50 to 100µ


Heat Resistance: - up to 600°C when fully cured


Drying Time: - Surface dry 15 mins. Dry to handle 1 hour. Fully cured by stoving for 20 mins @ 200°C.


Salt Spray: - 96 hours to ASTM B117.


Bend Test: - 6mm to BS3900 Part E1.


Scratch Test: - 1500grms to BS3900 Part E2.


Cross Hatch: - Classification 0 to BS3900 Part E6.


Chip Test: - Rating 2 to BS Au148 Part 15.