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SAI Global Certified System - ISO 9001

We have held I.S.O 9001 Certification since 1994 the current incarnation of this being I.S.O 9001:2015, however Quality means a lot more to us than just having a certificate hanging on the wall. At Franklin’s it governs everything we do from the moment we start quoting for new work right the way to dispatching the finished product it is a way of life for the Company and all of its employees.

We like most other suppliers to large manufacturing companies are evaluated constantly on the Quality of the service we provide. These evaluations are taken very seriously within the Company at all levels. They are discussed at our regularly held Quality Meetings. We aim to be among the top performing suppliers to our Customers and we are in all areas.

A number of our Customers demand a great deal more from us than what is covered in I.S.O 9001, and we are happy to oblige as we feel that the more we improve our Quality the better it is for the Company.

The two things that have the biggest effect on Quality are the Systems of control that you have in place, together with proper Training. We have the systems and we invest a great deal of time and money in training, so you can be assured of both the Quality of service and products you will receive in all of your dealings with Franklin Silencers Ltd.

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