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SAI Global Certified System - ISO 9001

Tube manipulation is used in a huge range of products from pipe for heating systems to building structure, from railings to furniture. Our knowledge, knowhow and machinery allows us to manipulate tube into the product you require.

We have a wide range of 5 axes CNC bending machines (that we added to in december 2015). We can bend tube ranging from 11mm - 127mm is diameter in Mild, Aluminized and Stainless steel tube, in 10 Gauge to 2 gauge tube on 1D tooling. We can also bend bar up to 19.5mm in diameter.

We can also manipulate tube on a set of ring roller, this allows us to manufacture long and shallow bends on a continuous radious. Again these bends are used in many different areas from building structures, engineering components, railings to furniture. Our ring rollers let us to manipulate wire/tube from 4mm to 2" in Mild and Stainless steel tube.