Mawsley Machinery

In the difficult trading conditions we have been experiencing over recent years, we as alot of other manufacturers have been looking to diversify into new areas that complements both our manufacturing methods and customer profiles.


As part of our drive for new products we have Partnered up with a local business Mawsley Machinery LTD. Together we have been looking into the market for protective bars and under plating on forestry plant.


Such bars are used to protect the cab and other vulnerable parts if a tractor or other forest plant when travelling in a forest or heavily wooded areas. The bars are not designed as a roll bar, but as a protective shell by deflecting branches away from and protecting the vehicle as it moves along.


The under vehicle plating, protects the under carriage whilst working in tough terrain.


These kits for Mawsley are bespoke units that we design and produce on the vehicle.